Why Sport Journals?

At Sport Journals, we believe in the inherent power of having goals. We all follow the process of creating a measurable vision, setting benchmarks, and upon completion, celebrating our successes. Our process is universal, and applies to ALL things in our lives, whether it be in our relationships, our careers, or our fitness endeavors. By having these things in place, our minds are freed to carry out our own plans without being clouded by lack of organization and ideas floating around in our heads. Writing it down makes it easy, reduces stress, and gives us the mental space to start making it happen.

We created the WODbook in 2007. Since then a million apps have come and gone, dozens of folks have copied our product, but the truth is, ours is still the best. Our #1 commitment is to our vision to help you to put your best foot forward in clear and calculated steps. The WODbooks shine and reflect that passion. Our office is at our gym, Crossfit Hood River which we own and operate. Here we train world class athletes alongside high powered executives on the daily. We have built an A level gym and helped people to reach and push their own genetic potentials through calculated steps. Planning and execution matters! This stuff doesn’t just happen.

The WODbook is a planner designed for folks that place a priority on their fitness. We design the planning tools with workout tracking as a frequent priority in your life, and provide ideas and inspiration so that you never have to fret when it comes time to hit the gym or take a step towards a personal goal. We know that when you see success in the gym, you will experience the ripple effect throughout your life. We know you’re busy, and the WODBook lineup can keep you on track to work smart when you’re planning, and work hard when you’re training. So get on board, get organized, and watch your goals fly by in the rear view mirror faster than you’d ever hoped!

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