New Site, new way of doing business with you.

by Jeri McMaster May 07, 2014

WODBooks™ have been around for almost as long as the CrossFit Games. Our first year in business was 2008, and that year I arrived at the Games, signed up as a volunteer, with a box full of books and a ton of excitement and inspiration. I met a lot of the original competitors like OPT, Dutch Lowy, Miko Salo, Jeremy Thiel, and got to know a lot of the head honchos quite well that weekend. After a few hours of volunteering, I got a promotion to being a Judge, not because I was amazing, but simply because there were more athletes than there were Judges, so I got to do it. I also got to drive a GATOR up and down a dusty hill with piles of athletes in the back after their crazy sandbag sprints! That was the best part.

Eight years later, and what seems like a million renditions later, we are changing the way that we sell online. For years we've built and rebuilt, fixed, upgraded and developed a system designed to let you build your own WODBook covers and send them directly to print right from your laptop. With the development of this complex system, it has become more and more complex to access your account and simply "add to cart". So we have decided to change our tune, and put the design projects back into our own laps and make the process as fast and easy as we can for YOU, the busy athlete, mom, affiliate owner, competitor. Let us do the dirty work and you get back to being a badass athlete. 

We hope you LOVE it, and please, let us know what you think!


Here are some samples of our new designs and the new way of building your Branded WODBook™ Covers!


Jeri McMaster
Jeri McMaster