Setting Three Month Goals - Part 1 Build your Long Vision

by Jeri McMaster September 24, 2015

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At Sport Journals, we believe in the inherent power of having goals. We all follow the process of creating a measurable vision, setting benchmarks, and upon completion, celebrating our successes. Our process is universal, and applies to ALL things in our lives, whether it be in our relationships, our careers, or our fitness endeavors. By having these things in place, our minds are freed to carry out our own plans without being clouded by lack of organization and ideas floating around in our heads. Writing it down makes it easy, reduces stress, and gives us the mental space to start making it happen.

In this three part series, we are going to go through a great system for how to get your goals down on paper in a way that you can turn your dream into a reality in an incredibly calculated and stress free way. This is a system I’ve developed that works to help you envision your life one year from now. We will break it into quarters, then weeks or even days, then pull it all together, I know you’ve got a dream. Lets start by pulling that idea out of your cranium and getting it down on paper so we can start to dissect it and make it approachable with small, achievable steps that you can hit. The goal is to set goals, make them measurable, and then develop benchmarks. When your goals are accomplished, we celebrate. Let’s brainstorm your visions!

STEP ONE) DEFINE YOUR VISION - Go to the ONE YEAR GOALS or jot down in a blank notebook.  I suggest having 1-3 long term (1 year or more) visions per category: personal, career, and fitness. This may sound like it's not enough, but if the visions are deep enough, this will be more than enough. Figure if you have two for each category, you have 6 big projects that you are juggling! That is plenty, if not too much for any normal, busy person. Start with one and envision yourself a year from now. What does this new, accomplished person look and feel like? What is different? What potential challenges will you face? Sketch or draw anything that you need to. Really take a moment and envision these goals. You are about to go through the amazing process of walking towards this goal, one step at a time, for a year. So make sure you're on track. This is the most important part of the process. Does it feel realistic to make this change in one year? Does it sound too easy or too hard? Is it more of a six or a three month goal? If it is a goal that will take you more than a year to accomplish, break it down to the first year. You may have to do some backdating to get there.. Read the process below.. Apply the principles we are discussing below in finer or broader strokes until you line up with the description below and are on target for a one year goal. Also, if you have shorter goals, use the same process, our end goal is to have a three month project.

  • Personal goals will refer to things like: Remodel our Kitchen. Take a no-kids trip to xyz.
  • Career goals will look like: Move into Sr. Vice President role. Create xyz app and get it onto open market.
  • Fitness goals will look like: Participate in a CrossFit Comp. Raise my Back Squat by 125%. Get a strict muscle up.


Depending on your goals, you may want to define the current state that you are in for each one as a point of reference for each one. Really think about each of these visions and feel how it will feel when you accomplish them. In this case the phrase “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” applies! You are going to get it!

STEP 2) CATALOG YOUR YEAR  Go to the GOALS CATALOG section of your WODBook Life.. (coming soon!) and start filling it in, or jot down your categories (personal, career, and fitness), in a blank notebook with your one year visions below each category. Be descriptive, but try to sum it up in a couple of sentences. Put an end date behind each one. Leave at least four lines below each vision. This is the date that you will be accomplishing your goal and the stepping stone to your next long term goal set. Sounds good? Yes, we think so too.


Stay tuned. In the next issue we will show you how to get your one year vision broken down into quarterly goals. Please be sure you feel good about your one year goals when you come back to the next article!


Quarterly goals worksheet.

One year goals worksheet.


Jeri McMaster
Jeri McMaster