Setting Three Month Goals - Part 2, Benchmarking

by Amber Bello October 15, 2015

STEP THREE)  CREATE QUARTERLY GOALS  Go to the QUARTERLY GOALS page, or jot down in a blank notebook. Transcribe your Yearly Goals as a list. Leave four lines below each Yearly goal. On these four lines, you’ll need to think about four benchmark spots that you can set as your quarterly goals. Remember you have three months to get to the first one! If your first quarter includes the winter American holidays, that can slow things down. Be realistic but aggressive! 

STEP FOUR) CREATE MONTHLY GOALS Go to the MONTHLY GOALS, or jot down in a blank notebook. List your Quarterly Goals, and leave at least three lines below each. These lines will become the three (monthly) benchmarks it takes to hit your quarterly Goal. Now you should start to be seeing measurable, recordable, and achievable goals! You’re getting into a zone here that feels good. Enjoy that feeling that you can DO THIS! Now if you have more than one goal in each category (personal, career, fitness), you may see that you have some work to do. It may help to take a real look at where you are spending your time now. Are there things that aren’t bringing much to you but absorbing a lot of time? Can you cut anything out? Do some analysis and see if you can buy yourself some time to push through this process and get some return on your time!

STEP FIVE) WEEKLY GOALS Go to your WODBook LIFE daily tracking section or plan for this on blank pages. You’ll see the first block on each two page spread includes a section for Goals. Look at the Monthly Goals you just outlined. You’ll need to piece out your one month benchmarks into four one-week benchmarks. Break these four benchmarks into the first page of the next four weeks of daily tracking. I suggest running through this one month plan once a month. If you have the ability to pre-fill your calendar with potential roadblocks before filling in the goals, it would be helpful so you can figure your plan out from a realistic perspective. Know ahead of time when you may have more or less time to dedicate, and plan accordingly!

STEP SIX) (OPTIONAL) DAILY GOALS - Break down your weekly goals further and place specifics on certain days of the week, if this feels like it will be more helpful to you than simply having a goal for the week. Creating checkboxes can be very rewarding as there is simply nothing better than checking a box as DONE!

STEP SEVEN) (OPTIONAL) THINGS TO DO - After each week, you’ll find a sheet for Things to Do. If it is motivating to you, add your things to do to this page!

Now is time to get to work and start making things happen. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail, and now that you have invested the time and energy to give yourself a plan for success, the rest is easy, achievable, weekly tasks that you can knock out. Your mind should feel clear and satisfied that you have an idea of where you want to be in a year, and you are starting with step one today. Now you can relax and feel confident that you simply have to stay the course, and you will come out right where you have dreamt you could. Make it happen!


Amber Bello
Amber Bello