Going big this Cyber Monday!

by Jeri McMaster November 29, 2015

We are excited to share our promo for cyber monday is big! Save 15% off absolutely anything in the store AND enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders up to 100 books! Where this gets really exciting is in our custom orders section where you can add your own logo to our books, choose what sort of insides you want to see and get them printed exactly the way that you want to see them. These books can be a very cool thing to sell or give to members of a gym, team, or organization. Check out all the cool backgrounds we have to work with, upload your logo, and get to work on styling out the inside, page by page, check box by checkbox, or go with our gold standard, the wodbook classic for the insides and save a couple bucks to order more books! These classics will help any athlete, from the newest to the most experienced, to get organized, lay out some goals, and start taking steps in the direction of fitness, health, and success! We are really quite excited and honored to get to be such a cool part of people's fitness, and are glad that you will be too! So cash in on our biggest promo of the year and get yourself some WODBOOKS!!!

So use the code "cyber2015" to get our best deal ever, 15% off everything plus free domestic shipping up to 100 WODbooks!!

Jeri McMaster
Jeri McMaster