Are you a planner? Tired of having three journals to keep track of all your plans for the year, the month, and the week? Welcome to the Sport Journals new line of journals.. This set is comprised in full by five books in full. With this line you can look at your year from a birds eye view, both in planning and in review. Then with our four daily journals, you can stay organized and on track from day to day. This new system is going to change your world. Welcome to an all new organized you, for your whole life, leaving plenty of space for your fitness. We know how important it is.




The 2017 Goals and Records Journal is a place to put all those golden moments, the ones you’ve worked so hard for. This book is designed for looking at your year from a high view. Map out all of your goals for the year. Write down all of your fitness PRs. Record high and low moments in the year. Use this book to plan forward and to look back, and use it as a quick reference for on-the-go workout ideas when you're traveling or out of your usual routine.

An amazing system of PR tracking makes glancing back at your year so rewarding when you see the grid of progress. Each lift, each run/row benchmark, each gymnastic movement is organized with a box per month, so you can watch the year move along with success. This style of tracking will keep you motivated to up your numbers all year long.


What's inside:

  • A year of Committments at a Glance
  • 2017 Goal Mapping with Quarterly Benchmarks in seven categories: self improvement, financial, business, family, community, fitness, and pay it forward
  • A year of Highlights and Lowlights
  • PR (broken into a 12 month grid for: Row, Swim, Cycle, Run, Oly Comp Lifts, Snatch Exercises, Clean Exercises, Jerk Exercises, Powerlifting Comp Lifts, Additional Lifts, Bodyweight/Gymnastic Movements
  • Workout ideas for at the gym and on the go with score recording for those appropriate in the following categories: Girl Workouts, Park Workouts, EMOMs, Partner Workouts, Hotel Gyms, Run Workouts, Pullup Bar Only, Other house favorite workouts, Swim Workouts, Airbike & Row Workouts, Run Interval training workouts

48 pages long, perfect bound with a chipboard cover.






Make 2017 your best yet with our newest line of dated daily journals! The Seasonals are a great place to stay organized and on track with your day-to-day living, fitness, goals and projects... All in one place!! 
What's inside:
  • Month overview page one is about to getting goals, projects, fitness, nutrition, and a self care plan in place, including a small calendar to mark checks in each day that you hit your nutrition/fitness/whatever goal for the day! Drink a gallon of water every day? Give yourself a star in each day that you do!
  • Month overview page two is a list view of each day with a spot to write important dates on one side, and the other side gives room to mark accomplishments and fitness achievements. Got your best one mile pace or a new lifting PR? write it here!
  • One page Week Overview to plan out daily life and fitness for the week
  • One page Day View with spots for Daily Gratitudes and Mantra, To-Dos and Appointments, Goal Management, Nutrition and Water with Calories and Macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins!), Strength & Conditioning as well as a place to score your overall feeling for the day on energy levels, mood, motivation and soreness!

Get Started with WINTER 2007 or bundle up and Get the Annual Goals and Records and Winter Together

120 pages long, perfect bound with a chipboard cover