Our Story

We started in 2008 shortly after attending a Level One Certification in Portland Oregon. This certification included CrossFit™ Training Staff such as Dave Castro, Greg Glassman, Todd Widman, Kurtis Bowler, and many other national and northwest leaders of CrossFit™. It was inspiring, and it was becoming clear to us that there needed to be a better way to plan, measure, and record workouts, PRs, and goals. With strong careers in graphic design, natural talents for organizing information, and a massive passion for this newfound love of CrossFit, the original WODBook™ was a delight of a project to pursue. 

The book began to grow in popularity, and before we knew it, we were putting it on the market for sale. Shortly after, Jeri opened CrossFit Hood River and began teaching the community of Hood River CrossFit™. 

Six years later, the product line continues to grow along with the sport, and has reached even beyond CrossFit and into other sports such as MMA, Recreational Sports, Weightlifting, and Endurance. Other logbook companies have come and gone, and we remain the highest quality product, produced in the greenest printing company in the Northwest with the lightest ecological footprint possible. CrossFit Hood River has grown tremendously with over 5% of the city in attendance, and several top ten Regionals level athletes and one Games level athlete (GO REGAN!) both attending and coaching at CFHR as well as working for Sport Journals.

Thousands of CrossFit™ affiliates, universities, high schools, teams, Subject Matter Experts, and others have produced custom WODBooks™ for their establishments, training programs, gyms, and courses. We are so grateful to the community for taking interest in our product and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come. Long live the paper and pen, the best possible way to plan, record, and measure!