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Use our tools here to create a great New Athlete Handbook that reflects your branding as well as your training program. Upload your own front and back cover or build a cover with our tools here. Upload your logo, photo, and tagline.  Add to cart and expect to see a proof within 24 hours!

For most folks, the first step to learning is an introductory course at a local Affiliate. At CrossFit Hood River, where all of the development of the WODBooks occurs, this class is called 101. Many affiliates call it On Ramp, Elements, or Fundamentals. We created this book to repeat all of the information that we share with our new athletes during their first couple months at our gym and in our intro classes. Our coaches love using it as a reference guide and the athletes love to review the movements again at home and share with their family members what they are learning. The sign-off sheets are the best part for us as a gym, because at the end of each class, the coach can sign off on proper execution of the basic skills, and since our athletes are exposed to all of our coaches, this gives all of our coaching staff one place where they can look and see how the athlete has progressed. We highly recommend new athletes, coaches, and gym owners use these for the first couple months. Included is 28 daily workout logs. 

40 pages long, staple bound. Designed to serve a new athlete in a CrossFit Gym for 1-2 Months

All WODBooks™ come standard with inside cover LB Max Rep Charts and LB > KG Conversion charts and an inside page of KG Max Rep Chart & KG > LB Conversion Chart.

What’s Inside:

  • What is CrossFit™, What is Fitness, and Virtuosity Articles
  • Acronyms and Scaling Guides
  • Coaches’ Movement Understanding Sign Off Sheet
  • Nutrition guides, meal & shopping lists, and Paleo Challenge Tracking
  • “Girls” Workouts
  • Common Movements Illustrations Chart
  • Personal Records Tracking with Movement Descriptions/Illustrations
  • Quad Tracking


Check out our gallery of templates to work with: 

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