Custom Winter 2017 Dated Journal


Make 2017 your best yet with our newest line of dated daily journals! The Seasonals are a great place to stay organized and on track with your day-to-day living, fitness, goals and projects... All in one place!! 
What's inside:
  • Month overview page one is about to getting goals, projects, fitness, nutrition, and a self care plan in place, including a small calendar to mark checks in each day that you hit your nutrition/fitness/whatever goal for the day! Drink a gallon of water every day? Give yourself a star in each day that you do!
  • Month overview page two is a list view of each day with a spot to write important dates on one side, and the other side gives room to mark accomplishments and fitness achievements. Got your best one mile pace or a new lifting PR? write it here!
  • One page Week Overview to plan out daily life and fitness for the week
  • One page Day View with spots for To-Dos and Appointments, Nutrition and Water with Calories and Macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins!), Strength & Conditioning as well as a place to score your overall feeling for the day on energy levels, mood, motivation and soreness!

120 pages long, perfect bound with a chipboard cover

Add the Annual Goals & Records Journal to your collection to collect all of your goals and achievements for the entire year in one place!

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